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It happened late that day beneath the sorrowful sun
And none of us escaped it
There was nowhere to run
It took away our houses, put us out on the street
But even from the rubble
We'll get back on our feet

And later on that evening in the nighttime so dark
A star shined high above us
Just a light like a spark
It guides us every moment and we'll never retreat
With hope and faith and courage
We'll get back on our feet

And everybody knows we face a steep and solemn climb
We'll give it all we got until we reach a better time
And some of us must handle what some others just can't do
To walk that road before us 'til we finally make it through

And sometime late next morning after everything shook
The anger and confusion
It was so hard to look
But someday in the future
When this story's complete
We'll rise and say as one that we got back on our feet

Written, arranged and produced by Dean Landew
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Reed Taylor at Lofish Productions, NYC
Dean Landew: vocals, piano, organ
Alec Gross: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Gerald Menke: electric guitar
Joel Lederer: bass
Robert Dale Walker: drums

Website management: Rick Thomas
Website/CD design: Lyn Nierva
Photography: Dorothy Shi

Sound recording: © ℗ 2010, 2011, 2015 DRL Records 
Song publishing: © 2010, 2011, 2015 DRL Music, ASCAP
Website: © 2015 DRL Records