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"Happy Valentine's Day" was written and recorded in 1753, soon after Benjamin Franklin did that thing with the kite in the storm. Leo Fender had already invented the Stratocaster electric guitar and Twin Reverb amplifier when he came over to America in 1492, but the widespread use of electricity in homes and businesses was still about 14 or 15 feet away.

The guys in the band got together late one night and set up their equipment in the field of a deserted Coca-Cola farm during a heavy thunderstorm. Dean pointed his 1496 Strat straight up at the dark sky and waited for a bolt of lightning to come along and bring it to life. Suddenly, the sky crackled with energy, and moments later, the little red lights on their amps lit up, and the voice of God boomed out.

"I only booked this session for five minutes. Give me one good take, and I will give you a recording that you can distribute around your pretty little planet for free on the Internet, as soon as I get around to building it.

"I have to go to Jupiter now. Little Richard got his foot stuck in a piano. Keep rock and roll alive!"

The band was skeptical about the Internet stuff, but for the next four minutes and six seconds, they rocked and rolled like never before. When they were done, a cassette and a SONY Walkman fell out of the sky, and they all went home very wet.